Course curriculum

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    • Agenda

  • 2

    Why Budget?

    • Why Budget?

  • 3

    Trivia Questions

    • Trivia Question 1

    • Trivia 1 Answer

    • Trivia Question 2

    • Trivia 2 Answer

    • Trivia Question 3

    • Trivia 3 Answer

  • 4

    Budgeting Video

    • Financial Budgeting Video

    • Budgeting - Interactive Video

  • 5

    Budget Spending Reference Tools

    • Bank of America Spending Analysis Tool

    • EPI Family Budget Calculator

  • 6

    How to Budget

    • How to Budget Video

    • How to Budget Summary

  • 7

    Needs versus Wants Quiz

    • Needs versus Wants Quiz

    • Needs versus Wants Answers

  • 8

    Example: How to Budget for Expenses - Retirees

    • How to Budget for Expenses - Retirees

  • 9

    Summary: Budgeting Tips

    • Budgeting Tips

    • More Budgeting Tips

    • Ways to Save or Raise Income

  • 10


    • Personal Monthly Budget - Excel Template

    • Resources - Workbook Exercises

    • Financial Budgeting Softwares

    • Financial Wellness Books

    • Challenge Yourself - Budget Quizzes


Senior Instructor

Bonnie Yam

Ms. Yam graduated from Smith College with a BA in Math and Economics. She received her MBA in finance from University of Chicago. Before starting her own company, she was a financial manager for TIME magazine and a Hedge Fund Analyst for Cheetah Investment. Ms. Yam has been in the pension consulting business for 20 years. She started her own RIA, Pension Maxima with the objective to provide cost transparency and a platform that can truly benefit clients first. Ms. Yam focuses on success factors for 401(k) plans and has assisted many companies in improving their 401(k) plan costs, sometimes as much as 50%. Ms. Yam has written three Ebooks, “401(k) Benchmarking”, “Understanding 5500” and 401(k) Plan Health. Ms. Yam is highly involved with educating the community. She is a CPA CPE sponsor in NY and NJ and has lectured extensively on Financial Wellness Topics through FPA, NYSSCPA and at NY SIBL library. She is also a lecturer at SUNY University, Valhalla on Financial Wellness topics. The web program,, is an innovative education program to enhance learning through fun cartoons videos, online forum, activities, quizzes and games. The website comes with an accompanying Financial Wellness Tower Workbook, a joke book, Bonnie’s Bulls and an illustrated concept book, Principles for Financial Wellness and Financial Wellness FAQs. The cartoons are also available in Spanish and Chinese to ensure a broad outreach of audience. Affiliations: Member: CFA Institute, Westchester Business Council, Westchester County Association (Intel Committee), Westchester County MWBE Task Force, New York Financial Planning Association, Exit Planning Institute, NY CPA Association, Chinese CPA Association


Manage your finance. Control your future.

Fantastic Class!

John Recchia

This class is so relevant and so important to the younger generation. Start off the right foot, and you are on the path of success!

Good information and Really fun!

Kai Cheung

Everyone should try these classes. Guarantee to learn a lot. All these are important topics that they should be teaching at school, but never too late. Start learning here.